You may have received an SMS or an email from your bank saying that any standing instructions for recurring transactions will not be approved by the bank beginning 1st Apr 2021. Well, this is because of RBI’s new e-mandate guidelines. Note that this is only applicable to new Tickertape subscriptions and not the existing ones. Subscriptions that were started before 1st Apr will continue till 30th Sep 2021.

On 21st Aug 2019, the RBI had issued a circular regarding the registration of new card mandates to make transactions secure and safer. Banks were asked to subject all new e-mandate registrations to Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA) effective 1st Apr 2021. We’ll read more about this a bit later.

Since banks are yet to comply with the new e-mandate guidelines, the RBI issued a new circular on 31st Mar 2021, which has extended the timeline till 30th Sep 2021. Until then, new Tickertape Pro subscriptions on our 1 mth plan cannot be started on credit/debit cards. Tickertape Pro also comes in 3, 6 or 12 mth plans where we offer multiple payment options including credit/debit card, UPI, and net banking.

Let us look at RBI’s new e-mandate guidelines.

  • AFA is mandatory. It is a process where you, as a cardholder, will receive a request for your card PIN or an OTP before making your first transaction of the recurring payment series and also when modifying or revoking the mandate. The maximum limit for registering mandates is Rs 5,000
  • When registering a mandate, banks are directed to provide you with the option to choose either SMS or email as the mode of communication. It is on one of these modes that your bank will send you the pre-debit notification at least 24 hrs before debiting your account with the mandate sum
  • While the pre-debit notification would contain all the information about the upcoming debit, it will also give you an option to opt out of the debit or even the mandate
  • Banks will also provide you with an online facility to withdraw from an e-mandate at any point in time. For all such mandates, the banks are directed to ensure that the merchants involved should delete all customer payment information
  • You will be required to provide a validity period for your e-mandates to make it definite. You can’t have a mandate for an indefinite period


Will my existing card e-mandates be impacted?

No, your existing card mandates will not be impacted. Recurring payments relating to such mandates will continue to be processed.

Are Tickertape subscription transactions impacted alone?

No, all new transactions requiring recurring payments are impacted until issuing banks comply with RBI’s new mandate. These include utility bills and OTT bills such as Netflix and Amazon subscription. To continue enjoying such services, you will have to pay your bills as and when they become due directly to the service providers.

Aradhana Gotur


  1. Ones a we are subscribe the mountly pro pack satisfied next I am not interested this service how to we re unsubscribe this pro pack

    • Aradhana Gotur Reply

      Hello Manoj, at the moment, the only payment option available to subscribe to Tickertape Pro’s 1 month plan is via Kite (due to the RBI mandate). For all other plans, you can pay via credit card, net banking, and UPI. Hope this helps.

  2. Devnandan Singh Reply

    Why pro plan is not activated??I have taken monthly subscription and payment also has been successful.

    • Aradhana Gotur Reply

      Hello Devnandan, this shouldn’t be happening. We request you to write to mentioning your issue along with relevant details for a faster resolution.


        Let me give explaination how to subscrib it for 1 moth ?

  3. Devnandan Singh Reply

    Today I have subscribed Monthly plan.Payment has been successful but . Facility is not showing on home screen.

      • Aradhana Gotur Reply

        Hello, our one month plan has been suspended via payment methods other than for Zerodha users due to the new RBI norms. So you can only get a one month plan via kite funds as of now. Alternatively, you can opt for our one-time plans.

    • Aradhana Gotur Reply

      Hello, we don’t support UPI payments as of now but we are working on it. Alternatively, you can choose from the other available plans and pay for it via netbanking from the membership page once you are logged in.

    • Hoshiarsinghyadav Reply

      i don’t use up etc i can pay through internet banking channel if payment through credit card not allowed.

      • Aradhana Gotur Reply

        Hello, yes you can choose from the available plans and pay via net banking from the membership page once you are logged in.

    • Aradhana Gotur Reply

      Hello, we don’t support UPI payments as of now but we are working on it. Alternatively, you can choose from the other available plans and pay via net banking from the membership page once you are logged in.

      • Aradhana Gotur Reply

        Hello, you will be able to select a plan and pay for it via net banking from the membership page once you are logged in. Hope this answers your question.

  4. Nikesh Sharma Reply

    Rs 118 auto debited on 22 every month but I m not in position to check details . I more than 1 year pro member. If you are not in position to provide services than please cancel my subscription immediately. Otherwise o will block my credit card.

  5. Dr jalinder Bhalerao Reply

    I am already pay for your plans.but not show full information

  6. Will it work if I just change my credit card no. There are few subscription which I have opted and still subscribed to since years and if I cancel and resubscribe then it would cost me a lot.

    Is there a way to mitigate that?

    • Aradhana Gotur Reply

      Hello Abhishek,

      Your existing subscriptions will be unaffected by the new guidelines. So, you may not want to change your credit card number. Only your new subscriptions registered on or after 1st Apr 2021 will be impacted. You cannot register a mandate to pay for such services. You can pay the vendor directly when your bill becomes due. Hope this answers your question.

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